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15 January 2014 @ 06:32 pm
The Books Sister's 2013 Imaginary Book Awards  
Hey there!
So, Bookworm was supposed to write up this years book awards, but she didn’t get a chance to finish so I took over helped out and finished them before 2013’s book awards got pushed any farther into 2014 XD

Mistborn:The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
Well of Ascension
Hero of Ages

Wintertide, Precepliquis, by Michael J. Sullivan
Wither by Lauren DeStefano
Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
Spirit War by Rachel Aaron
Faery Rebels, R. J. Anderson
Spell Hunter
A Matter of Profit by Hilari Bell
Incaceron by Catherine Fisher
Saphique by Catherine Fisher
Uglies, Scott Westerfeld
Pretties, Scott Westerfeld
A Matter of Magic by Patricia C. Wrede

Character Awards

Best male protagonist:
1) Eli Monpress
2) Raoden
3) Hadrian Blackwater

Best female protagonist:
1) Peri/Knife/Briony
2) Sarene
3) Vin

Best male side-kick:
1) Paul McCormick
2) Galladon
3) Kiero

Best female side-kick:
1) Nico
2) Arista
3) Iko

Character with best back-story:
1) Josef
2) Galladon
3) Jasmine

Character with best-sob story:
1) Vin
2) Nico
3) Paul McCormick

No super power but still kicked butt:
1) Paul McCormick ( in a wheelchair, no less!)
2) Sarene
3) Hadrian Blackwater

Best villain you love to hate:
1) Benehime, also known as Beehive
2) Adela – Nobody comes between Josef and Nico, nobody!
3) Martin, thou two-tongued snake!

Best not-so-evil villain:
1) Hrathen
2) The Immortal Empress
3) Wolf

Most romantic couple:
1) Paul and Peri
2) Vin and Elend Venture (Mistborn)
3) Raoden and Sarene

Funniest couple:
1) Hadrian and Arista
2) Eli and Miranda. They are a couple *dares anyone to disagree*
3) Thorn andher boyfriend, Grumpy, whose name I can’t remember right now….Thorn and anyone are funny XD

Most argumentative couple:
1) Eli and Miranda
2) Keiro and Attia

Doomed couple:
1) Vin and Elend Venture (Mistborn)
2) Sazed and Tindwyl (Well of Ascension)
3) Royce and Gwen

Best dynamic duo:
1) Hadrian and Royce
2) Timothy and Linden

Best superhero team:
1) Eli & co.
2) Kelsier's Team

Setting Awards

Best “real” place:
London (A Matter of Magic)

Most imaginative fictional place:
The Oak

Creepiest / Darkest place:

Best magic system:
1) The Dor (Elantris)
2) The fairies
3) Allomancy and Feruchemy (Mistborn)

Plot Awards

Best twist:
1) Royce and Hadrian being the Heir of Novron and his high holy bodyguard or whatever.
2) Hrathen saving the world
3) Wolf helping/betrayin/saving Scarlet

Best plans:
1) Everything Raoden plans.

Worst plans that still worked:
1) Sarene following Iadon into dark sewer passages Come on, Sarene, you do know what killed the cat, right?
2) Kelsier turning Vin into a lady….I had serious doubts about that one!
3) “Yo, I’m the Prince of Osera, don’t I look like him???!” Well, they eventually got in, anyway…..

Doomed situations:
1) Eli going back to Beehive.
2) Kelsier facing the Lord Ruler *snuffle sniffle*

Most climatic resolution:
1) The last, like, seven chapters of the Spirit War….
2) The end of Riyria, when Royce is all wounded and dying and Hadrian suddenly remember to show him Mercy
3) The end of Elantris…I didn’t get it the first time around, but whatever was going on certainly struck me as very important and climatic!

Best comic-relief scenes:
1) The final chapter of Riria…”He’s your problem, now, he wads his clothes instead of folding them, and he snores, etc.
2) Wasing the was of who what where when and how or whatever….You know the scene I’m talking about!
3) Eli forcing Josef to get a haircut and Nico playing diplomat “He looks nice….but he looked nice before, too”

Best emotional scene:
1) Aagh, so hard to choose….Kelsier’s death and his subsequent letters to his team
2) Royce, Gwen, waah!
3) Nico on the roof in the Spirit Wa

Best action scene:
1) Uhhmm…let’s say any scene where Vin/Kelsier/Elend are being all Mistborn

Best love confession:
1) Hadrian and Arista….

Writing Awards

Funniest writing:
1) The Legend of Eli Monpress
2) The Riyria Revelations

Most magical writing:
Faery Rebels.

Weirdest writing:
1) A Matter of Profit…the guy was a giant ant or something….

Writing that makes you think:
1) Pretty much everything brings up some interesting point or another…..I think that’s the beauty of reading fiction.

So, that’s about the size of it! Still planning on reading 25 books this year, and since I’ve been so sick the last two weeks, I’m making good progress 

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Lengmanderelee on January 17th, 2014 01:29 am (UTC)
OMG Books and Bookworm, this is so wonderful!! I can't believe I forgot about Kel facing down the Lord Ruler as one of the doomed-est scene ever!! And yeah, best comic relief scene, wasing the was of whatever Spook says is definitely one of them! Can't believe I forgot so many!! And man, I definitely agree with all the Spirit War awards. I wish I could have included them in mine too, but they weren't included in the books I read this year. I was really tempted to add Gwen's death scene as one of the most emotional scene, but I tried to restrict all awards to 3 winners as much as possible. Gwen's death was terrible (though I think it was more terrible for me finding out about it than reading about it... maybe because I was already prepared.) ^__^

Anyway I really enjoyed reading this!!
1221bookworm: The Reader1221bookworm on January 20th, 2014 03:02 pm (UTC)
So many good choices, Books!! :) Thanks for finishing this up *whistles innocently at accusations*

I like how Iko got her own mention!! :) She would be so pleased! She would also have like to be included in some mention with Prince Kai, but alas, she can't have all her wishes come true at once!! (BTW, where is the *good* Fairy Godmother in this Cinderella retelling???)

Thorn is sweet, in her own hard hearted way!!:) But she is definitely a good comic relief character!!

I certainly didn't see Royce's past coming! I suspected Hadrian almost from the beginning, but when they threw in Gaunt, I never even thought about Royce!

And it was soooo ironic with Hrathren! He was the "saviour" of Arelon, though not in the way he originally intended it. It was appropriate that they acknoledged his contribution!

"Yo, I'm the Prince of Osera, don't I look like him?" Classic Josef, blunt and dumb!

What's the quote on Fairy tales that I'm always messing up? That's my favorite part of every book, too!

25 books this year? Hmm..... How are you planning on counting? Are you going to cheat with FMA???????

Looking foward to another great year of book awards coming soon!