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17 May 2013 @ 01:07 pm
Truth Series Fanart  
Hi everyone :)

This is a quick fanart I drew for the poor, unknown, underappreciated Truth Series by Dawn Cook.


This is the scene I had in mind:

"I think you ought to give me papa's map if you can't read it and won't use it."
Strell glanced up, his face turning sly.  "You know what?"  he said, rolling up the map and edging away.  "I don't think you can read at all, not even the swirly stuff on my map."
Alissa's mouth dropped open.  "What?" she sputtered.
Grinning, he moved farther.  "I think you're making the entire thing up.  I don't think those squiggles mean anything."
"What about the berries the other day?  I told you that's what the map said and that's what we found."
He smiled indulgently.  "Everyone knows berries grow on that side of the slope."
"But I said they would be blueberries!"
"Lucky Guess."................

He leaned around the fire, coming dangerously within reach.  "Look, Alissa, see this?"  He pointed to the map.  "That's where the stars go in the daytime."
She ignored him.
"See here?  Snails."  He leaned back, adopting an important air.  "For your headache."
Her jaw clenched.
"And this on here, see this word?  That means you can't cross the river unless you catch a fish for the river spirits first."
Alissa gave him a slow look through narrowed eyes, but it only seemed to encourage him.
"And this one says wolves meet here at the full moon to dance by it's light."
She glanced down.  "It says 'Good Fishing,' Merchant."
"Merchant!" he cried, puttting a hand dramatically to his chest.  "You've wounded me to the quick with that."  Grinning, he leaned closer.  "Look."  A finger pointed.  "That's where baby rakus learn to fly."
"Give me that!" she exploded, lunging for the map.
"No, you don't."  Laughing, Strell scrambled out of reach.  He rolled up the map, retied it with her mother's ribbon, and tucked it away.

~First Truth, Dawn Cook.

I'm not entirely happy with the way Strell came out, but I'm OK with how Alissa looks.  And Talon doesn't appear because you don't want to see me try to draw a bird XD


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1221bookworm: Forgotten Truth1221bookworm on May 18th, 2013 12:58 pm (UTC)
Wow, Books, this came out really neat!! :) I think both Strell and Alissa turned out nice, though I have to wonder what Strell did to Talon to keep her away long enough for you to sketch them with smiles!! :)

I think it's a really great match for the scene you mentioned! It's one of my favorites in the book. I wonder if Strell was pointing at the Hold when he mentioned baby rakus ......

Thanks for sharing!! :)
Booksrgood4u: TS: What a good bookbooksrgood4u on May 19th, 2013 05:53 pm (UTC)
Thank you :) Talon must be off hunting, since they are sitting awfully close, and Strell's not ducking XD Ooh, I've always wondered that, too! I imagined that was what he was pointing at, the book never said. Wouldn't it be ironic if it was!
Lengmanderelee on May 19th, 2013 02:18 pm (UTC)
Aww, Books, this looks so sweet! Even though I don't really know the characters, the drawing and the description give me vibes about who they are. I think I should make an effort to read this series, despite the love triangle. You and Bookworm always read my recs, and I've read most of the recs you gave me except for this one. =D

Oh, and tell Bookworm that Riyria finally came! I'd be picking it up on Tuesday (not tomorrow, because it's a holiday here for us). So I'll be able to read it soon. I hope it's as light and fun as everyone has said, because I just finished Mistborn and I've been thrown into an emotional abyss of swirling heartache. Imagine QT ending with Gen's death... O__O Just... I'm sorry, I shouldn't be hijacking your post. I should probably make my own... *sniff*
Booksrgood4ubooksrgood4u on May 19th, 2013 05:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks :) I think yo would like it....The thing with the love triangle is that it wasn't created out of Alissa's own immaturity or inability to make up her mind. Her mind is made up, but she won't act on her decision because she knows that the other guy is totally alone in the world besides her and a few of her friends, and she knows he would leave if she chose the other guy. So it's not just her toying with them or being silly or anything like that.

Yay for Riyria! I'll tell Bookworm. What holiday is it tomorrow? Are you doing anything special? Riyria is definitely fun....I'd say it's a little more in depth than say, ST, probably closer to SW, with more layers and characters and more intrigue to keep track of. And don't worry about hijacking my post, and books discussion is good by me :)
Lengmanderelee on May 19th, 2013 07:58 pm (UTC)
Ah, I see. And I heard that Lady Jane was going to read it too, so maybe I'd jump on the bandwagon as well. It might take a while, because I'd have to get my library to order the books, but hopefully some time this summer they'd be able to get them. ^^

It's Victoria Day tomorrow. We're just going to rest at home, but yesterday we already celebrated by going out on a picnic (the majority of which I spent trying to finish up Mistborn). Yay, good to hear that about Riyria. I really need to read something fresh and fun! I think it would be a good time to read it this time around, because last time I was still high on LoEM, and I just couldn't stop the comparisons.