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05 October 2013 @ 01:00 pm
Fandom Meme  

Haven't posted here in a while, so I did what I usually do when I haven't posted in a while....broke out my crazy thieving skill that I learned from Gen and Eli, and stole a meme from some poor, unsuspecting person on Tumblr XD

Just a quick fandom meme, and a shameless excuse to poke my friends for conversation :)

Choose your top 3 fandoms:
1)Truth Series, Dawn Cook
 2) Queen’s Thief Series, Megan Whalen Turner
3) Legend of Eli Monpress, Rachel Aaron

The first character I fell in love with:
1) Alissa
2) Sophos *cuddles*
3) Nico

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
1) Lodesh…used to hate the creep XD
2) Irene….first impression:  “She’s Evil!!”
3) Eli, probably….I sent a lot of time mad at him, even  in ST, when Gin was like “Kill Nico!” and Eli’s all ‘we may have to, cuz, you know, I don’t what to do with her’

The character everyone else loves that I hate:
1) Since there’s practically no fandom it’s hard to say, but going with Lodesh again.
2) MoW….I don’t really get the big deal over him…
3) Sara and the Banage….What’s up with them anyhow?

The character I love that everyone else hates:
1) Again, lack of fandom makes this hard, but I love Connen-Neute, and he doesn’t get enough love.  Also, I got to feeling very sorry for Keribdis, though I wouldn't say I 'love' her.
2) Irene…there are even Sounisians who hate her.
3) Uhhhh….I think I love all the usual suspects.

The character you're most like:
1) Alissa….I’m more like her that anyone else I have ever read about.
2) Sophos…I trip over things that aren’t there XD
3) Hmmm….Not particularly like anyone, though I’d like to think that I could be as strong as Nico.

The character I'd slap:
1) Lodesh, when he kissed Alissa in the stables.  Also Lacey.
2) Nahuseresh, duh.   And most of Gen's attendants, except for Philo.
3) Sometimes Eli, and sometimes Josef, But mostly Sara.  "anybody can be a mother, only *I* can do what I do" *slap*

Who are your five favorite characters?
1) Alissa, Strell, Connen-Neute, Redal-Stan, Useless.
2) Irene, Sophos, Gen, Costis, Helen.
3) Nico, Josef, Eli, Miranda, Gin.

Who are your least favourite characters?
1) Baillic.
2) Nahuseresh, once again!
3) Beehive.

What is your deep, dark secret regarding this? (eh? what secrets?)
1) I’d like to imagine that the end turns out differently for Lodesh, that he would get to live out the rest of his natural life.
2) I like to think about what their kids will be like and what kind of parents they’ll be.  And I have to hide this fact, because a lot of Sounisians are dead set against the idea of Mama Irene and Papa Gen.
3) I still secretly ship Eli/Miranda!

A pairing that I love
1) Alissa/Strell
2) Gen/Irene
3) Nico/Josef.  Those were all obvious XD

What are your favourite things about your fandoms?
1)  Talon, the Hold, the magic, the friendships.
2) The cleverness, the twistiness, the general Gen-ness
3) The humor, the way the characters work together, and Nico/Josef
1221bookworm: The Reader1221bookworm on October 6th, 2013 12:22 am (UTC)
This was fun, Books! I can't wait to do it myself!! :) You don't have to hide the idea of Mama Irene and Papa Gen here! I think they would be great parents if they put their minds to it.

I agree that Connan-Nuete doesn't get enough love. And I do feel sorry for Useless after the whole Keribidis affair. Keribidis and Sara are very much alike, and Banage and Useless' reactions to them are very similar.

And Yeah! for Talon!! :) He/she's definitely one who doesn't get enough love!