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22 February 2014 @ 08:58 am
FMA blathering and icons  
I just finished Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 27 - what a ride it's been!  It's been a while since I got as swept up in a series as I have with this one.  I should probably start off with an apology and a thank you to Leng, who recc'ed the series and who I told repeatedly that I didn't like manga.  Thanks, Leng!

OK, so since I stink at book reviews, let alone series reviews, lets skip that and go right to the end.  This'll be a spoiler alert, btw, you've been warned XD

OMG, the end.  I thought it was awesome.  And by awesome I mean that I cried for the entire second half.  No, make that the whole thing.  But seriously!  Who wouldn't?  Al sacrifices himself so that Ed might get his arm back and have a chance to save the world.  And then the whole thing with Greed, and what he really wanted was friends like Ed and Ling's.  And then Ed, giving up his alchemy to save his brother, and then the smiles!  All the smiles that Ed's been dreaming about!  And then there whole 'what kind of world it could be if everyone gave 11 in return for 10" idea.  I thought it was almost* perfect.

*Almost perfect because I wish there had a bit more of Roy and Riza and the Xingese contingent.  Ling & co. just barely stuck around for the finale :(  And all we hear of Roy is that he's now a brigadier general and doing awesome things.  I know that FMA is the Elric brother's story, but I wish a page or two had been spared for the other characters we've come to love.

Enough of that, headcannon time.  In no particular order:

  • Al always called Ed 'brother,' but after the human transmutation fiasco, when he saw how difficult is was for Ed to be smaller than his little brother, he started to call him 'big brother,' just to make him feel good.  Because Al's just that nice.

  • Ed encourages Al to have a relationship with May because May makes hi feel tall XD

  • When Ling and Lan Fan return home, Ling spreads the story of Lan Fan's sacrifice far and wide until she's all but a national hero - the girl who sacrificed her arm to bring the secret of immortality back to Xing.  Ling takes all the clans into Yao clan, or just abolishes the clan system all together, eliminating the need for 50 wives, and makes the by this point immensely admired Lan Fan his empress.

  • Ed and Winry wait until the railroad between Xing and Amestris to be completed before their wedding so that Ling, Lan Fan, and May can attend.

  • Roy and Riza....I don't know what I think will happen with them, yet, but I think they deserve some happiness.  I know that they did horrible things in Ishbal, but they were not the masterminds, and are victims of the war too - not in the same way that Ishbalans were victims, but still victims.  And I think that they have gone through hell enough times that they deserve some peace.

  • Maria and Denny get married.

  • Havoc and Rebecca get married.

  • Roy and Riza ditch those awful haircuts the have in the pictures at the end of the book!

Anyways, on to the real purpose of this post: I promised Bookworm a while ago that I would make some Fullmetal Alchemist icons, and since she couldn't make up her mind, she gets whatever I choose *is evil*  So I made 6, mostly for the main pairings - two for Royai so Bookworm can have a choice XD

Six Fullmetal Alchemist Icons
FMA_2     FMA_1      FMA_3
FMA_4     FMA_5      FMA_6

Hope you like them, I'm not too thrilled with the EdWin one, but it's hard to find pics of Ed *not* making some dreadful face, and Winry not crying :(

Oh, and in other FMA news, we watch a feww episodes on YouTube the other night of FMA:B.  Having fun trying to find the dubbed version not the subbed oneXD  Anyway, it's good, and it follows the books really closely, which is always a plus.

Thanks for wading through all the incoherent-ness,


P.S..Like my new layout?  Why, yes! I did do it myself....sort of...with alot of help...*is still insanely proud of self*

1221bookworm: Royai1221bookworm on February 23rd, 2014 05:45 am (UTC)
Where to start?????

First off, I love the new layout, it definitely says "Books" (you and the reference to your name!) I like the lady sitting on your name reading - it's cute! And you can read the text against the background!

And the icons!! Can I take the AlMay one, too????? I like how XioMay (sp?) is snuggling them both together - bit of a matchmaker????? (I'm still trying to decide between the two Royai ones!!!! :)

So, onto spoilery reviewy fangirling! The ending was so sweet, and you didn't even believe me that there would be a really sweet scene with Honeheim and Trisha! But it was perfect little ending!

Oh, and you agree that certain "major minor" characters got sort-of dropped of the face of the earth????? I mean, Selim Bradley got a handful of shots, why couldn't the xinese and other military personal get a handful of shots too?? Oh well, more for the imagination!

I love the Lingfan headcannon!! :) I think that LanFan gave him the idea to adopt Mai's clan into his own, so it will just be a matter of time before he comes up with that idea for the other 48 clans! And of course, he will want to play up LanFan's role. And Fu isn't around anymore to frown on their relationship (per your headcannon on Tumblr), so maybe they will rebuild and expand their previous friendship!

Al is sweet, I love the whole "big brother" bit. You know, though, in the last pictures, Mai's grown up, and she isn't such a shrimp anymore, even compared to Ed. She might even top him by a little bit - better make sure she's not wearing heels!!! :)

Definitely Havoc and Rebecca! and Absolutely Denny and Maria! It was so cute when he heard her voice on the radio!

Royai!! :) Yes, they deserve happiness. They were both really disturbed by the war, and the way it was carried out. They didn't feel like they could fix it, but they both dedicated their lives to making it a better world. THey didn't want those atrocities to happen again. Why can Hughs find happiness, and not them? They let nothing stand in their way of creating a better future, and wanting to protect people from the sort of world that they had to contend with. And Roy's whole "I can take care of my few subordinates, and they will take care of their subordinates" and so on and so forth. He wasn't just looking out for himself "getting to the top" he wanted to make sure that he was getting to the top of an organization that cared for each and every person in some way or another!

Edited at 2014-02-23 05:46 am (UTC)
Booksrgood4u: FMA: Booksbooksrgood4u on February 24th, 2014 11:28 pm (UTC)
Hehe, thanks :D And why ever shouldn't you be able to read the text?? You are not referring to my last failed attempt, are you? XD

You can have whichever icons you want, but then you already knew that, because you already uploaded them :)

I do agree that a number of characters got shortchanged. The whole Xingese contingent, for sure, even if Ling did get his name mentioned on the radio, and Riza also dropped out without a trace. I think that a cast as large as FMA makes it difficult for the author to wrap all the ends in a neat little package - it's not like Farsala, where the little epilogue showed the 3 main characters going forward. And you're not wrong that Roy and Riza were fairly major characters - they even got most of an entire volume dedicated to their backstory.

I want LingFan to happen so bad! I want that to happen as much as you want Royai to happen. Except I think it's harder for LanFan, so there XD Because, because, before you start yelling at me, because Riza chose her path, and if she really wanted to, she and/or Roy could quit the military so they could make a life together. LanFan doesn't have that option.
1221bookworm1221bookworm on February 26th, 2014 09:46 pm (UTC)
I don't think you should be able to read the text, nah!! :)

Thanks for the permission!

There certainly were a lot of characters to wrap up, so I think the pictures in the end really helped - how else could you see Havoc learning to walk again? and it's poignant in it's simplicity. However, some characters, deserved a bit more than just a picture! I think at the end of the series, the author begins to get tired of it, and so maybe is not quite as creative with coming up with all the tying in bits that the fans think should be there!

I think the future looks brighter for LanFan not that Fu isn't there to berate her for everything she does. (I get the feeling that that was his MO) I think she will be freer without his constant overlooking her actions.
Lengmanderelee on February 23rd, 2014 06:40 pm (UTC)
Okay, first of all, what an awesome layout!! I love how the purple just stands out! And that banner? Super cool! Looks so pro! Everything looks so nicely laid out. =D You must be doing so well in your web design classes!

Secondly, oh you're so welcome! I had my reservations with reading manga too, so I know where you were coming from. I'm just glad that FMA proved us wrong or we'd be missing out on a lot of awesomeness! I cried too when Al asked May to bring back his brother's arm in exchange for himself. T__T

Yeah, I really felt kind of cheated with how abruptly everyone else faded off in the end. Ling and Lan Fan's last appearance was so succinct. This is actually why, I think, I suddenly began actively shipping LingFan. I was already anxious for Lan Fan's sake that Ling *doesn't* become emperor, so that he wouldn't have to marry 50 women. I told you that I started off being pessimistic about them last year, and this last appearance, as well as the picture at the end (the one where Ling *wasn't* smiling, and only half of Lan Fan was visible, and she looked so heartbreaking hiding behind him) filled me with sooo many feelings. And that's when I knew they'd be my top OTP in this fandom.

Maria and Denny XD. Wasn't their reunion just the cutest thing?? There are some speculations actually, that the girlfriend Havoc had to break up with before Mustang's team had to move was actually Rebecca. Hehe, I hope Havoc treats her right, because goodness knows how much crap Rebecca had to put up with under Grumman.

And those are great icons!! I feel like snatching the first three. =DD
Booksrgood4u: FMA: LingFanbooksrgood4u on February 24th, 2014 11:51 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you like it!! OMG, I'm actually really bad at CSS, that's why I did this XD I wanted to just get more familiar with the way that CSS is laid out, so I used the Custom CSS template you sent to Bookworm for the Secret Santa a few years ago as a base, and just worked on figuring out what was what and changing the colors, just to get used to how CSS works.

Oh, I know the panel you're talking about, where Ling is like "We're going back. To Xing." It was kind of sad, because as Ed and Al et al were finishing up there war, Ling&co had another one coming. I actually thought that LanFan was underused as a character. I mean, I know that the story was really about Ed and Al, but towards the end, especially when Fu was killed, and she was just standing there...I don't know, I just felt like she had more potential.

Oh really? Rebecca and Havoc used to be a couple? How'd they get around the anti-fraternization thing that seems to keep Roy and Riza apart so effectively?! Or they probably just didn't care XD Aww, I don't think Havoc treats his girlfriends badly, I think he's just clueless. And it's not always his fault. About Rebecca...Why was she so insulting to Riza, do you think? When she kind of implied that Riza was getting promotions based on something other than her competency and hard work...Do you think she meant that, or do you think it was just part of the act to create a situation where she could smuggle that note to Riza?

You're welcome to any of the icons you like!
Lengmanderelee on February 25th, 2014 01:57 am (UTC)
Oh, did you know about the "Inspect Element" tool on your browser? Basically it allows you to look at the html code of any site, and if you hover over a line, it'll show you which part of the site it is. This is really useful for CSS, because it helps you see each element ID and class and what values are assigned to any of the CSS properties. ^^

Yeah, same!! She was just standing there when her grandfather died AND when Greedling was shot on the forehead! But I did hear that Hiromu Arakwa was pressed for time, and she managed to finish the entire series in such a short amount of time that was considered admirable even for manga authors' standards. Considering how wonderful the ending was, I'm willing to cut her some slack. =D

It's just speculation, not canon. Oh yeah, I think Rebecca was just acting that way, and didn't mean anything serious by it. Even if she didn't need to smuggle the note, I think it might just be a simple joke for those in the military, after all, Ed tends to tease Roy a lot about his position too.

Oh, one thing that might fuel your Royai ship. Grumman is Riza's grandfather (if you didn't know yet. It wasn't mentioned in the manga, I don't think, but was canonically stated in one of the artbooks.) Remember that time when Grumman asked Roy to marry his "granddaughter" so that she could be the first lady? =P
Booksrgood4u: FMA: LingFanbooksrgood4u on February 26th, 2014 01:35 pm (UTC)
Oh, hey! That's cool! I knew about the inspect element, but I didn't realize that it highlighted the corresponding element on the site! Thanks alot!

The other thing I kind of expected about LanFan was that Greed/Ling would have had a stronger response to her. I mean, the only reason Ed knew that Ling was still in their was because he got a reaction when he said "what about LanFan?" But then, when she actually showed up, she didn't really seem to get a reaction. Bookworm says it's because Greed was prepared for Ling to put up a bigger fight around LanFan, so he was able to suppress Ling - that first time took him by surprise.

We started to talk about it Tumblr, but what are your ideas about how Ling might get rid of the 50 wives thing?

Oh, I see! Everyone ships Roy and Riza XD Hehe, I wonder how Riza would feel about her grandfather angling to make her first lady XD
Lengmanderelee on February 28th, 2014 07:17 pm (UTC)
Hehe, yeah, I actually didn't figure it out until a year after I've started playing around with CSS. =P

I think when Lan Fan shows up again to beat up Gluttony, it was actually Ling who was in control of their body rather than Greed, because Ling can sense chi and Greed couldn't so they switched. So I don't think that his suppressed reaction is because Greed is preventing him, because he's actually in control that time. I was disappointed too, but they *were* in the middle of a battle, so maybe there wasn't much opportunity for it. (I also find other people's headcanon for this moment really interesting, because some of them think that Ling was feigning non-interest in order to avoid having Greed also become interested in Lan Fan. =P)

I really like political intrigue like QT has, and I think Lan Fan would gain a lot of admiration and respect if she was able to help Ling work out a crisis or something. So my headcanon is that she does something super cool to bring world peace in Xing, and every one becomes more lenient in having the Emperor marry Lan Fan, at least as a wife from the Yao Clan. And then Ling can just continue refusing others wives for the rest of his life. =P

XD Yeah, I wonder too.
Booksrgood4u: FMA: Booksbooksrgood4u on March 1st, 2014 06:11 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think it was Ling when LanFan originally showed up, but even after that, everytime she said 'My prince?!' I was expecting Greed to lose control because Ling was fight so hard. I didn't think too much either way of his reaction, because, like you said, they were a little preoccupied. But that's an interesting thought - I'm sure Ling got quite an insight into Greed's personality all those months sharing a body, so he'd know if showing an interest in Lan Fan would set Greed off. At the end, when Greed said that all he wanted, all along, was 'friends like these,' it made sense why he always seemed to be dominant around LanFan, because he wanted what Ling had in LanFan.

Ooh, so your headcannon is similar to mine - I also thought that she would gain some sort of respect from the Xingese people that would help them overlook her low birth. I wonder what kind of political thing she could help with....Any thoughts?
Lengmanderelee on March 2nd, 2014 03:10 pm (UTC)
Lemme see if I can find the fanfiction that I read about it: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7223280/1/Lex-Legis. The author is actually one of my favourite LingFan writers, but she abandoned most of her stories. In 'Dirge', there's this confession scene in the last chapter that I absolutely adore, because I really think a confession from Ling and Lan Fan would go exactly that way.

Hmm... I don't have any specifics, really, just sort of a blurred idea that she'll do something awesome. Let me see if I can come up with something. Well, as his personal bodyguard, she's pretty much already involved with a lot of court stuff since she'd follow him everywhere. I don't exactly think she'd get credit just for saving Ling from time to time, because that *is* her job, so she'll probably have to do something that's a little out of her usual job description. Maybe spying or uncovering a conspiracy against Ling... maybe saving Xing a la Mulan! Haha.
Booksrgood4ubooksrgood4u on March 4th, 2014 09:02 pm (UTC)
Oh, yeah...didn't really think of that, but come to think of it, the old Greed was always going on about women, and having all the women he wanted, so I'm sure he was shall we say 'interested' in LanFan. That was a good story - loved how Ling turned it around on Greed, and said Greed could have everything Ling ever had from LanFan.

Huh...I think that whatever she did, Ling would have a large part in making sure everyone knew...She's so quiet, even if she uncovered some conspiracy or some such, she wouldn't make a scene. But Ling would probably jump at the chance to sing her praises XD
Lengmanderelee on March 7th, 2014 05:30 pm (UTC)
Hehe yeah, it's really strange where a fangirl's mind would take her. I didn't think of it until I started reading fanfictions. Apparently Greed/Ling/Lan Fan is a popular love-triangle ship. =P In this respect, I was sort of glad that Greed died, even though he was the best homonculus, because you know how I hate love triangles. =P

Oh yes, you're right. Ling would have to back her up, and probably act as her publicist! He'd announce it to the entire empire, and probably make it a law for Xingese education to include Lan Fan in it. XD
Meltintalle: FMA rainy daymeltintall3 on March 31st, 2014 11:47 pm (UTC)
I saw your 'never have too many books' FMA icon on Sounis so I popped over to see where you got it... and it's amazing and so are the others. My favorites are the first three.

(I am a die-hard fan of the subbed versions of FMA:B; I soooooo prefer growly-voiced Ed over generic hero voice Ed and I don't remember what the difference is between the Roy's but there was one and it was important. :p I grumbled all the way through one of the final episodes where I couldn't find the subbed version because I couldn't tell who was speaking by their voice...all the guys sounded the same and so did several of the girls! But that's my two cents and I am decidedly in a minority, lol. Also, I've always found that sub or a dub the suggested next video on YouTube should be the right one for your viewing preferences.)